Jeff Berlin


One of the legends of his instrument, Jeff Berlin is considered by many to be the finest electric bass soloist in the world. His sophisticated, articulate playing requires an amp with the same qualities; he has found it in Markbass.

Jeff is known as a major innovator through his precise, melodic playing on recordings and in performances for the last thirty years. Jeff has performed with artists as diverse as Billy Cobham, John McLaughlin, Jermaine Jackson, Issac Hayes, Bill Bruford, Yes, Allan Holdsworth, Toots Thielemans, Larry Coryell, David Liebman, Arturo Sandoval, Michael and Randy Brecker, Mike Stern and Bill Frisell. He has jammed with the superstars of jazz and rock, including Pat Metheny, Van Halen, Rush, pianist Bill Evans, Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke, and was even asked to do a television show with pop singer Donnie Osmond. Jeff is continues to perform all over the world with rave reviews, and his playing is now influencing a new generation of bass players. His teaching, now conducted in the Players School of Music which he founded in Florida, continues to inspire and advance players wishing to know about the language of their art. Jeff Berlin is a master.
"Jeff Berlin is the Director of the great music school The Players School Of Music, located in Florida!" 
“The best tone I have ever had as a professional bass player comes from Markbass bass amps," says Jeff. "I've noticed that bass players that use Markbass have the opportunity to take from these amplifiers whatever tone they individually hear. Every time that I've ever plugged into a Markbass amplifier, I’ve been knocked out.”  

Bass guitar lesson videos featuring Jeff Berlin of The Players School of Music in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Florida. 
These bass guitar lessons are intermediate to advanced bass guitar lessons.




Jeff Berlin | Devil Bass
WARNING: "This is the hugest 25 seconds of bass we ever heard. Don't play this too loud!"  

"Markbass makes the best bass amp I ever used. This is no secret that I feel this way. Just for fun, I went into the studio last week in Milan and played some tracks as duets with the great drummer Danny Gottlieb. When the session was over, I asked Sabino, the great engineer that recorded us to allow me to overdub my bass by playing a few seconds of a simple bass part, a long Bb, up to a F, down to Bb and then down to my low F. Then I asked him to put it through every overdrive situation that he could, to make a bass tone that maybe has never been made before. Those four notes turned into something like the devil himself emerging into this world. This is maybe the hugest 25 seconds of bass that I am aware of and I thought that you might enjoy hearing it."  



"I recorded two duets with Danny Gottlieb while we were in Milan for Markbass. Danny is playing Mark Drum’ new electronic drum set. I'm playing through two Jeff Berlin 15 inch cabinets. The jazz tune was a one take fun demo and the second tune shows Danny overdubbing four times on his drums. He sounds like a percussion orchestra. I overdubbed a solo and then vamped going out of the track. Fun stuff and listen to that amazing bass tone on the second track. Every single note from me, and every single beat from Danny are clear as a bell, typical of the Markbass brand. They just build great tone into everything they build."
Jeff Berlin

Jeff-Danny_Session#1 by Mark Drum

Jeff-Danny_Session#2 by Mark Drum





This is an invitation from Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin to raise funds to finish Jack Bruce, a 11-songs tribute arranged by Jeff and performed by an all-star cast of players.

Starting on Sept 25th at Q-Factory in Amsterdam, Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin will have a series of clinics and appearances in Netherlands, Germany and UK, organized by Cort and supported by Markbass.

Saturday, September 29th 2018 Markbass top-artists Jeff Berlin and Mohini Dey will perform at Jamathon event, hosted and directed by the great Steve Vai.

One of the legends of his instrument, Jeff Berlin is considered by many to be the finest electric bass soloist in the world.

Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin announces the date and scope of his new online bass education series...coming soon!

Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin will be doing a free clinic at Bass Direct in Warwick (UK) on the 26th October at 7.30pm.

Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin launched his PledgeMusic campaign to fund, record and release his next CD, “Jeff Berlin plays Jack Bruce: Songs for a Wailer!”

Starting on March 18, 2015 Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin will be kicking off his weekly "Bass Tips with Jeff Berlin" web series! <br>Subscribe now and have first hand access to his style, technical proficiency and musicianship!

Australia's Mixdown have reviewed the CMD JB Players School combo, saying it’s a very flexible amp... It strikes the perfect balance between transparency and character.

Starting on October 13 HBC Super Trio, feat. Markbass top-artist Jeff Berlin on bass, Scott Henderson on guitar and Gary Novak on drums, will have a tour in Europe.

Jeff's column on Bass Guitar magazine is a great chance for readers to ask him questions about bass playing and music theory.

Jeff's power trio HBC will release their debut CD on October 16 through Shrapnel Records. And they are on tour in Europe, October 4-22!

Jeff was interviewed by Cutaway Magazine at the Spanish Bass Day.

Jeff Berlin's playing continues to influence a new generation of bass players. His teaching continues to inspire and advance players wishing to know about the language of their art.