Ernest Tibbs interview by Muzikus.

March 4, 2019, 8:25 a.m.

Here some excerpts from the interview (translated in English):

  • Playing in theaters is challenging because every director has a different style of directing. And you have to follow him quickly, be fast on the cues, it requires a lot of thinking. And rehearsing wise you have to be able to change really fast. Every singer sings in different key, so you might get a transpose right before you go. You have to be flexible and fast.
  • Everybody keep telling me „You should play Markbass.“ So, we’ve been talking for a while. Plus, Markbass was always able to help me because I tour a lot. They make great amplifiers that I can tour with.
  • They sent me two lightweight 210 cabinets and Little Mark Tube 800. I took that to the Baked Potato. I need light amp because I had a back surgery. I put the amp to the back pack and took both of the cabinets. I put my Xotic lightweight bass through it and, man, did it sound amazing! I believe this is the perfect amp for me. It is lightweight and it is more than I ever need. I can use that small rig with this band and still have a lot of headroom left.

>>> FULL INTERVIEW (in Czeck)

Thanks to Milan Janeček & Music Park



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