Markbass top-artist Alain Caron - Bass Clinic at Symphonycity MusicSchool - Reggio Calabria (Italy)

Nov. 17, 2014, midnight
Saturday, November 29 Markbass top-artist Alain Caron will have a clinic in Reggio Calabria organized by SymphonyCity Music School, in collaboration with Ladybird project and Markbass.
If you are close to this event don't miss the opportunity to see one of the most world’s most respected bassists perform, discuss his playing, take part in a Q&A session and  much, much more…
Clinic's assistant Italian guitarist Paolo Patrignani.

AUDITORIUM "LUCIANUM" - start at 15:30 (3:30pm)
Via Mons. A. De Lorenzo, 30/A - Reggio Calabria
Via Emilio Cuzzocrea, 42
89128 Reggio Calabria, Italy
info & booking: +39 347 7184071

Following, Alain will have a series of concerts in Italy as "special guest" of Ciro Manna Trio... details coming soon, stay tuned!!!


Peppe Sferrazza plays MB JF1 White Battered

Markbass artist Peppe Sferrazza plays "One for Pat" by Salvo Montante and Aldo Giordano, using his MB JF1 White Battered bass by Markbass.

Angelo Roman plays Teen Town

Markbass Rising star Angelo Roman plays "Teen Town".

Stefano De Donato & Markbass Gloxy GV series

Markbass artist Stefano De Donato plays the new Markbass Gloxy GV series basses, using the Mark Vintage Pre and MB Octaver Raw Series.

Marco Galiero - Gloxy GV4 Black

Markbass artist Marco Galiero demoing the MB GV4 Val Black.

Gev Delano plays Michael Manring Backing Track

"This is so sweet. Markbass, the amplifier company whose products I use and love, asked us endorsers to submit a backing track for folks to play on top of. There have been many lovey interpretations of mine and I'm really enjoying this one." Michael Manring

Fernando Lamadrid - EQUINOCCIO

EQUINOCCIO from the new album "De paso" by Markbass artist Fernando Lamadrid.

Alberto Bollati plays "Technical Difficulties" by Racer X

Markbass Artist ALBERTO BOLLATI plays "Technical Difficulties" by Racer X.

Mohini Dey with Markbass Bass.

Markbass artist Mohini Dey with MB Kimandu 5 Richard Bona signature bass.

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