Cover CMD JB Players School


The lightness and portability of Markbass products is to some degree negated when heavy flight-cases are used. But when the musician transports his gear himself (in other words, outside of tour situations where the goods are transported by others), Markbass covers are a practical choice: lighter, less expensive, and still very protective.

Fits also:
Mini CMD 151 P
New York 151 Black
New York 151
New York 121 D2

 Product specifications are subject to change without notice






Polish web-portal Infomusic tested the Nano Mark 300 and New York 151 in their September issue, rating this small set "five stars"!

Australia's Mixdown have reviewed the CMD JB Players School combo, saying it’s a very flexible amp... It strikes the perfect balance between transparency and character.

Gi Magazine has reviewed the CMD JB Players School combo in their current issue.