Hard Case Little Mark

The Little Mark amps are popular with all styles and levels of bass players, from hobbyists to touring professionals. All of these bassists appreciate the small size of the amps, and all of them need to protect their gear.
The Hard Case Little Mark keeps the amp safe but maintains the small size and great portability that has fuelled the worldwide success of the Little Marks, and provide reliable protection.

> Little Mark 250 / Little Mark 250 Black Line
> Little Mark III
> Little Mark 800
> Little Mark Tube
> Little Mark Tube 800
> Little Mark Rocker 500

 One of the greatest things about Little Mark amps is that they're LITTLE! But if you want to protect them well, putting them in a standard road case defeats the purpose of their small size. Here's a small hard case for Little Mark amps that keeps your amp safeā€¦ and keeps it little!